Our program has been developed over the last decade to address problems caused by dysfunctional breathing and posture which typically develop due to the 21st century lifestyle.  It is primarily an education program taught by an appropriately-trained practitioner. It is appropriate for adults and children. For a detailed introductory video about our program, click here.  For a shorter version with only the section about breathing (no general introduction), click here.

HEALTH ISSUES THAT CAN TYPICALLY BE IMPROVED with the Breathing Well Program include

  • Asthma
  • Snoring & sleep apnoea
  • High blood pressure
  • Bed wetting in children
  • Night-time toilet trips in adults
  • Digestive disorders (heartburn, constipation, bloating)
  • Anxiety & panic attacks, and many more.



There is a paradigm shift happening in the world of Early Intervention Orthodontics [EIO] as well as Dental Sleep Medicine [DSM].

This has come about as a result of mounting evidence that the current methods of treating crooked teeth, crowded mouths and sleep disorders are simply not working effectively, and the relapse and non-compliance rates are simply unsustainable.

The reason is quite simple.  Current orthodontic and sleep treatments are focused on the problem – not the cause – and the treatments on offer are frequently only band-aid solutions – usually ending up in relapse as a consequence of the patient not being able to comply.

Our Ortho-Postural Training Program goes to the root causes of the symptoms and provides a support program for the dentist, doctor or orthodontist carrying out the remedial work, designed to arrive at a more stable outcome in a shorter period of time – goals attractive to both patient and practitioner alike.



This process of education, guidance and behavioural modification can run alongside current dental practice.

For this reason we have developed a program which we can introduce through what we have called “Berg Education”.  It is based on the concept of an iceberg having 90% of its bulk – and therefore the danger – below the surface and only watching out for the tip can have disastrous results.

This is depicted in two illustrations and videos which we call:

THE TOOTHBERG and THE SLEEPBERG (click to see images)

Early Intervention Orthodontics: The Toothberg – supported by posture and breathing retraining the need for long-term braces can largely be avoided and excellent results can often be achieved by combining myofunctional, orofacial and expansion techniques.

Dental Sleep Medicine: The Sleepberg - Cases where CPAP and Surgery are not successful may be managed using an Oral Appliance if appropriate, but ideally any approach should be combined with efforts to address breathing during the daytime which can have a profound effect on breathing at night.


The Breathing Well Ortho-Postural Training System has applications in many fields. It is easily incorporated into the fields of physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy, as well as sport and fitness (personal trainers), speech pathology, naturopathy and many others.

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